Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas, like most Mexican food, is pretty delicious. They are also fairly easy, which I like. This recipe we found from Simply Recipe’s ( and they turned out great.

Finished Enchilladas

The only caveat is that I’m not sure the exact amounts of “chili powder” we used, because we tend to just make our own to taste for each meal. But, as long as you keep trying the sauce until it tastes like you want it, you should be fine. We also made some minor modifications to the meal, so away we go.

Sun-dried Tomato Hummus

Hummus is a super delicious middle eastern spread, typically served with pitas. It is very healthy, full of flavor, and easy to make. It can be ready as little as 15 minutes, or you can let it set overnight in the fridge to let the flavors meld together and become even more amazing. We like making our hummus with sun-dried tomatoes, to give it an extra kick.

This hummus is not ho-hum

Strawberry Shortcake

I was bored on Sunday and I decided to make this recipe that I found online from one of my favorite blogs, La Fuji Mama. It is a Japanese version of Strawberry shortcake that is amazing.
It has nothing to do with our diets or being super healthy for you, unless you can limit yourself to a small piece, but the combination of flavors and different types of sweetness is amazing. You could definitely use the recipe for the cake just to make fluffy yummy sponge cake for any occasion, regardless of what frosting you wanted to use.

You know you want to make this!

Anyway, I’m sure you want to see the recipe and pictures now, so Here you go!

Yum, Curry

The other day, we found ourselves craving curry for dinner but we sadly did not have and could not find a curry block in our local grocery store. Because of this, we were forced into making our own version from scratch, which turned out deliciously, and while I do love the flavor the curry blocks give to dishes (and how easy they are to use), I like that making it homemade gave us the ability to control the amount of sodium and also to adjust the flavor to our liking.

Can’t find curry blocks? Don’t fret, just use our recipe!

Healthy Moussaka

Sorry for the lack of blog posts last week :(

This past week on the Food Network, we caught part of an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri, and he visited a Greek restaurant that had delicious looking foods, one of which was Moussaka. Moussaka is akin to a vegetable lasagna, but it has no noodles in it, just layers of (usually) eggplant, and sometimes zucchini, with a spiced meat sauce, topped with a bechamel (butter, flour, milk, and cheese), and then baked to golden brown perfection.

We knew that we had to try to make it, but we wanted to make sure that the topping was not as unhealthy as the one on tv was (because they used a lot more butter than I would want to to keep my calorie intake low). We also used ground turkey instead of beef or lamb, which kept it lean as well.